Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ARC Review of Anita's Triple Temptation by Eileen Green

After tragedy strikes, Anita Cummings is left to raise her three children on her own. Or, so she thought. The day her life took a tragic turn became a new beginning of love, friendship, and a new experience into the world of polyamorous relationships upon meeting the crew from the Circle G ranch.
Dave Olson, James Bowman, and Kevin Tisdale have set their sights on the grieving woman. Through the months they show her their love for her is real, and now it is time to claim her.

They prove to her that they will provide for her and protect her, but can she open up her own heart to the three men and trust them with her boys? Everyone at the Circle G is there to help, and when danger comes calling again, dragging her and one of her men into its clutches, can they work together to save them?

 Menage Romances are one of the my ultimate favorite romances I enjoy reading about. Anita's Triple Temptation was a great book in the ménage department. I really liked Dave Olson, James Bowman, and Kevin Tisdale. They are sexy, dominating heroes that want to do nothing but take care of their woman, Anita and keep her safe.
Anita threw me off a bit. Don't get me wrong, I liked the fact she was a widowed mother with three children but I found her a bit...weak. I totally get the fact she lost her husband recently in the book, but I didn't understand fully why she was so embarrassed over the fact she got a job as a waitress at the Tipsy Tavern and ended up getting hit by a rich jerk who thought Anita should be his. . Even if the job included her wearing such skimpy clothes.
It was also a bit of  an overkill to see such a heroine go into a panic attack over the death of her husband, several months after he died, especially when it seemed, he was a complete jerk to her and also because his death happened at his job. She shouldn't of felt so guilty about something that is in no way her fault that she needed a sedative to calm down and ended up in the hospital. I do agree she should of felt some guilt (it would of been wrong if she didn't feel a margin of guilt) seeing three men shortly after his death but to feel completely ashamed and being so tortured over it just didn't sit too well with me.
I did wish we got to see more POVs with James and Kevin. The majority of the book was done (it seemed) in Dave's POV and I just kept thinking James and Kevin were just on the sidelines and was mainly there in the sex scenes. Although Anita's Triple Temptation had a few issues for me, it was still an enjoyable, erotic, sensual read. For me, this book was still quite delicious and was worth reading. I did end up really liking the story and can't wait to read Eileen Green's other stories.
I give Anita's Triple Temptation a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. If your looking for a ménage romance with SPICE, then pick up Anita's Triple Temptation and get your kink on.

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