Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ARC Review of Protecting Olivia by Caitlyn O'Leary

After almost being beaten to death, Olivia Prescott is recovering in Fate Harbor. There she meets firefighter Joshua Parker, who was everything she wants in a man, and she begins to fall in love. Later, his best friend and fellow firefighter, Ian Ransom, returns, and she recognizes a long lost piece of her soul.

Rather than coming between the two friends, she flees back to Boston. When Joshua and Ian find out that Olivia’s life is in danger, they realize that their friendship and Olivia mean more to them than any sense of betrayal. They recognize that to keep her they must learn to share her. Their background in law enforcement allows Joshua and Ian to protect Olivia while helping to discover who is behind the attempts on her life. While finding out who is behind the plot to kill Olivia, can they convince Olivia that the three of them are meant to be together and make a life in Fate Harbor?
The second book in Caitlyn O' Leary's Fate Harbor Series is a stunning masterpiece. Protecting Olivia offers a lot more then Trusting Chance (Book 1) did. It has suspense, danger, a bit of mystery, a strong storyline, compelling characters, and the passion we love with our erotic romance.
I really liked Olivia Prescott. She was such a strong female lead. She is strong-willed, feisty, fights for what she believes and has that independent streak that makes her such a fabulous character. Especially when all that toughness melts away with her incredible men, Joshua and Ian. Speaking of these two men, I thought they were incredibly patient, sexy men too. Ian is also a strong willed character that seems...more distant then Joshua. But when Olivia is in danger he has no problems forgetting about betrayals, and coming to her rescue with his best friend Joshua. Joshua has been hurt in the past but he is still determined to keep Olivia. I like his fun attitude and his patience and caring with Olivia.
What really intrigued me with this story was the fact that neither Joshua or Ian were brought up to enjoy a triad. When things get heated with Olivia and Ian, Joshua takes it as a betrayal and things get sticky. Olivia takes off, depressed and hurt, while a friend of Joshua's has a talk with him about both him and Ian possibly sharing Olivia so she is happy. I thought it was very different and interesting to create characters that had to sit down and think about their woman's happiness FIRST and to give something they never thought of a try so they can ALL be content and happy.
The fact that Miss O' Leary put some major thought into this book is really amazing. There is more in the second book then the first and I personally liked that there was some differences because it made things more interesting. You can tell that this was a well thought out, well written book. I give Protecting Olivia a  FANTASTIC FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE! It has EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a romance in Protecting Olivia: Suspense, passion, likeable and loveable characters, and a storyline that is both unique and compelling. I can't wait to see what Miss O' Leary will come up next with this Fate Harbor series.

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