Thursday, May 8, 2014

ARC Review of Lessons of Trust by Eileen Green

Shy Riley Whitten achieves her goal of writing a Hollywood movie. When she arrives for the filming, she finds her heartthrob Matt Davis has been chosen as the lead. Matt and his lover Travis Hale begin to shower Riley with their love and attention. Not understanding why they are pursuing her, she fights them every step of the way.
Matt and Travis have been looking for a woman to round out the family they want to be. Falling in love at first sight with Riley, they overwhelm her, not only with their love, but also with something she hadn’t expected. With the roles Matt plays on television and in the movies, Riley had always thought Matt would be the dominant one. She makes the discovery that Travis is the Dom and Matt his submissive. Bringing her into their little family, they try to mold her submissive side.

Will they succeed at proving their love for her? Or will she disappoint them?


Lessons Of Trust was SOOOO good! I was really pleased and satisfied with this story.  The characters felt so real. With real emotions, problems, and baggage that sometimes I found myself forgetting it was a book.
Riley is a firecracker with a vulnerable-ness to her that is sweet. She is a strong female character that I ADORED. She is curvy, feisty, sometimes a bitch when necessary, yet she had a lot of inner issues that most women today face. Like the problems she sees with her body. I enjoyed reading about a heroine that has issues with her body because its not every day you get to read a story where the heroine is full figured with lots of gorgeous curves. Especially when not one, but two hot studs find her just irresistible and sexy as hell.
It was so sensual to find that Matt and Travis are lovers and want to add sexy Riley into their love triangle. Its not too often you can find a bisexual couple that wants to add a third to the party in romances often. So when I do find one, I am instantly drawn to it.
The sex in Lessons of Trust was downright arousing and erotic as can be. This book had so much going for it that I was devastated to watch it end. Its a delicious read, with lots of "REAL" characters, sensual moments, and steamy raw sex. Plus with all the male hotness, there really was a LOT to love about this story.
I give Lessons of Trust a FULL FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its a well thought out story with sexy scenes and realistic problems and characters that truly brought out the beauty of this book. I am AMAZED with such a tempting read as Lessons Of Trust turned out to be.

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