Friday, May 23, 2014

ARC Review of Forbidden Temptation (Texas Stallions 4) by Morgan Fox

Catherine Garrett has lived with the dark cloud of past mistakes looming over her head for too long. But after surviving a tragic accident, she finally has a chance to start her life over—alone. So when she comes face to face with a mouthwatering, blue-eyed Texas rancher, of course she's more than freaked out. She’s speechless.
For years, Cooper Boyd has longed for a relationship that lasted longer than the night. Watching both his brothers marry, he can’t shake the desire burning in his heart to find a love of his own. Leaving Temptation is his only option—until a mysterious brunette unexpectedly pulls him into her grasp.
Their instant attraction is explosive, sensual and irresistible.  But when Catherine’s terrifying past catches up to her, the love they crave suddenly comes crashing down around them.

I truly, sincerely LOVED this book! Even though this is my FIRST Texas Stallion book I read, I will most assuredly be going back and reading the first three books in this Series. I honestly can't believe I didn't read the others. This book was GREAT.
I loved the length of the book, and the characters, along with the storyline. I really felt a strong compassionate connection with Catherine. This poor woman was abused badly, mentally, emotionally, and physically and the fact that she survived and was so determined to pick up her life and live it fully was nothing short of awe inspiring.
Cooper was such a sweet, caring, charming gentleman. He is enraged over the abuse Catherine had suffered and wants desperately to protect and care for beautiful, shy, scared Catherine. I have to say, this book was so touching, suspenseful, and beautiful that I was just amazed with the whole story.
Forbidden Temptation is one of the best books I read this year and I hope to get a hold of the first three books in this series so I can be FULLY caught up. I really enjoyed the fact that there was no sex until well over halfway through the book, especially with all the trauma Catherine as been through with her abusive past. I thought Forbidden Temptation was well thought out and is a tempting, sensual, sweet, suspenseful read. I give this book a FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS. If you like your books with a wounded heroine who finds a sexy hero in a cowboy, then I suggest you run right to Bookstrand and purchase THE WHOLE Texas Stallions Series.

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