Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ARC Review of Roark's Leading Lady by Dace Everan

Roark Hurt will do anything to have Harley Tobor. That includes accepting her the way she is. Cyborg or not.
Harley will fight Roark all the way. He is too young, one of her comrades, and it just wouldn’t work! She’s sure of it! That is until she realises she needs him.
Half robot, half human. How could he possibly want her, let alone proclaim love for her?

 Roark's Leading Lady is another short story by Dace Everan. This was a bit different but in a GOOD way. I liked the fact that Miss Everan made Harley the cyborg. Its nice to see a female as stronger (physically) then the male for a change.
This story had a lot of humor in it too which I definitely appreciated but it was still very sensual and erotic. The plot was good and easy and the characters fit perfectly with it. Sometimes when reading a erotic story, the characters don't quite feel like they belong with the plot of the story and sometimes can make me confused or a little irritated. I am happy to say Dace Everan provided me with a little of everything that kept me entertained and drawn with Roark's Leading Lady.
I liked how the characters had to learn as they went on what got them excited and what turned them on. It was a really nice change of pace to read something that was a tad different from the average BDSM romance.
Roark's Leading Lady deserves a FANTASTIC FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS. Its just plain GOOD, with some humor, fun flirty characters, a interesting and easy to follow plot, and its so fantastically erotic that I was left squirming. My only real complaint is, it was not long enough. *Grins* But that's just because when you have a story this yummy, I want to read MORE. Keep up the great work Dace Everan. You have a fan on your hands that wants much MUCH more!

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