Thursday, May 22, 2014

ARC Review of eXposed by T.L. Reeve

Gavin Parish was in a rut. Lost, confused and feeling too comfortable staying home instead of going out. When Rick, his best friend invites him out for a night on the town, he's intrigued. What he wasn't expecting was a club called, eXposed.
Patrick, the new bartender and Dom for eXposed saw something in Gavin the minute he laid eyes on him. With the gauntlet thrown, he's willing to show his little sub for the night just how intense, and erotic giving over to a Dom can be.
Question is; will Gavin make a repeat visit?
Even though eXposed was a short story, it was still tantalizing, sexy, kinky, and so well written. I LOOOVED seeing a view from a male sub for a change and never thought in a million years, that it would be this hot.
It was different, well good different that is, to see a male sub's POV. I do enjoy reading M/M romance stories but to have one told in this unique way and have the male in question not be made into a girly or baby-ish way is really quite good. What I mean by this is, I have read one or two stories where the author created one male being...more girly then the other or sometimes acting like a child or baby. I prefer my M/M stories to contain strong, capable men, on both sides. And I can honestly say T.L. Reeve definitely did it!
I liked both Gavin and Patrick VERY much. Patrick is the big strong, sexy bartender and Dom and Gavin is the strong, capable, male sub. I thought both of these men were manly and the sex is both passionate and SOOOO HOT I practically melted! I loved the scenes in the club and thought it made a great beginning for Gavin.
I give eXposed an AMAZING FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS!! If your looking for a sensual, kinky, short M/M romance, then pick up eXposed by T.L. Reeve and be prepared to be awed!

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