Thursday, May 15, 2014

ARC Review of Unforgettable Hearts (Soul's Desire Book2) by Emily A. Lawrence

Ellie Benton lost all contact with her childhood friend, Tyler Stuart, when she moved with her family to New York. For seven years she’d mourned the loss of the copper-haired boy whom she’d secretly admired her entire life. Saddened by the thought that he’d forgotten her, Ellie carried on with her life, but nothing could fill the void he’d left in her heart.
When an unexpected trip reunited them after such a long time, Ellie found herself unable to resist the strong pull she felt toward him, nor control the feelings she’d fought so hard to keep at bay.
Tyler’s initial coldness at the sight of her made her question if he’d ever cared about her, but soon she discovered things she’d never even dared dream of, secrets that turned her soul inside out and brought her more joy than she’d ever experienced. Tyler proved to be the man of her dreams, exactly how she’d imagined him. But, as they embarked on a passionate relationship—just when she thought she’d finally found her happiness—demons from their past and present threatened to separate them.
Will their love overcome all the obstacles they have to face?
Unforgettable Hearts was such a good read. I enjoyed this book much better then the first one. Everything was so well thought out and the storyline flowed so nicely with the dialogue and characters.
Ellie was such a likable female lead. She is feisty, caring, energetic person. Tyler was plain HOT. The description of him was so downright sexy, I could picture him in perfect detail and I practically purred just imagining him.
I really did enjoy everything about this book. From the beginning to end it was entertaining, interesting, and intriguing with plenty of passion and romance that I LOVE.
I gave Unforgettable Hearts a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. Its an incredible romantic journey you will NOT want to miss out on.


  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Marie! <3

  2. Thank you Heare2Watts! Emily thanks for stopping by and reading my review. :)