Sunday, May 11, 2014

ARC Review of Golden Change by Lynn B. Davidson

Kylie Duncan has had difficulty adjusting to living on a sexually permissive planet with her husband Aiden, but her hardest challenge is yet to come. Aiden found love in the most unexpected place when he broke his planet's traditions and married a woman from Earth. 
When he informs her that he wants them to host a young man to live with them, for what he calls a “golden change,” she doesn’t hesitate. When she learns the young man will change physically, resulting from their sexual relationship with him she is shocked.

Jacob Hayden finds the couple intriguing and is surprised when he realizes that he is falling in love with Kylie and Aiden.

On this strange planet, will Kylie open herself to the possibility of loving more than one man, will Aiden allow his heart to be open to another person, and will Jacob find that the love he feels for them will overcome his societies prejudice?

Golden Change was an amazing Sci-Fi ménage romance! I haven't read a lot of Sci-Fi romances, but the ones I have read I really liked. To say I liked this book is putting it VERY mildly though. I actually LOVED this book and think this has got to be one of my new favorites of this year.
The characters are sexy, sassy, and perfect for this story. Its incredibly well written with some steamy, erotic sex and lots of wonderful moments in-between. I am now putting Lynn B. Davidson down as a MUST BUY author.
The descriptions of both the surroundings and the characters are incredible. There are so many delightful details that are easy to imagine because Miss. Lynn described everything to perfection. From the color of skin, to the clothes that Jacob, Aiden, and Kylie wear. I was truly amazed and delighted with Golden Change. It was a sensual, erotic delight!
I give Golden Change a FULL FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!! I can't wait to read the next book... and the next one after that and so on.

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