Tuesday, June 8, 2021

ARC Review - The Effing List (Masters of the Shadowlands #14) by Cherise Sinclair!

 The Effing List (Masters of the Shadowlands, #14)


Let’s liven up our marriage. It’ll be fun.
Then her husband brought two slaves into the house. That was the end of that. Divorce achieved, Valerie is working on her goals. Friends: has a new one. Fitness: little muscles! Finances: in the black.

Friskiness? Total. Effing. Fail.
So she attends the notorious Shadowlands club’s open house. There, a sadistic Dom—a fellow professor--teaches her that she loves pain with her pleasure. He wants to show her more.

Despite the razor edges of his hard face and the authority in his every word, he’s careful and caring. He listens, and how tempting is that?

But she knows better. Her heart is off limits.

Retired Special Forces colonel, Ghost has been a widower for long enough.
Although he’s ready to love again, the generous, caring woman he desires has scars from her past. However, he has hard-won skills, enough to show Valerie there can be a new F on her list—fulfillment. Life looks good.

Until his past surfaces, shattering his new life and the love he’d hoped to win. 


The very moment I started reading I forgot where I was, who I was and even to breath! The Effing List was THAT exhilarating!

I love reading about the Shadowlands masters and mistresses and their very playful and honest subs! And in The Effing List we get to read about Ghost, a sexy, caring and protective sadist and his equally as caring and kind and amazing sub Valerie. I never thought there would be a day where I would enjoy and want MORE of sadists and masochists but my goodness, after reading Linda and Sam's story a few years back and now Ghost and Valerie's story, I can honestly say reading about a sexy sadist and how they take care of their subs in play and outside of play turned me into mush and had me craving so much more. Now Ghost was a pretty unforgettable hero. He is oh so sexy, charming, and he pays oh so good attention to every nuance and detail of Valerie during play. I loved his sadistic side and found myself quite enraptured over his techniques as a sadist and a professor. And Valerie was like a ray of sunshine. She was beautiful, kind and cared about everyone around her. She oozed peace. Her submission was equally as breathtaking and I found her desire to explore pain to be pretty fascinating. And the scenes between Ghost and her was enticing, hot as hell and extremely satisfying. 

And I feel we got a bonus in this book with another couple too. Which made me soooooo happy. I won't say who the other couple is because I want you all to read this and find out and be just as happy with it as I was. More than the sexy play and hot sex, this book held so much heart and compassion. I really felt like I finally understood what the Shadowlands means. This is more than a community. Being part of the Shadowlands is being with family. Its so beautiful and amazing and really melted my heart and had me yearning to join the club! I HIGHLY recommend. LIKE TOP OF MY LIST RECOMMEND!

The Effing List gets a FIVE TEASING AND BREATHTAKING STARS! This is officially my new favorite Shadowlands story! 

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