Thursday, July 11, 2019

ARC Review - Deep Beneath by Dale Mayer!


You might think you know what lurks below, … but do you really?

A kayaking incident off Seattle’s shores sends Whimsy into a coma, where her nightmares are a revolving repeat of her drowning. She wakes to life on an isolated island, involving her strange savior, two dogs with unique identities, and voices, sounds, emotions that aren’t hers alone.

To a mystery that makes no sense …

Samson heard the cry to save the woman washed onto his shores, and the dogs were already on the job before he arrived. But he had no idea how much impact this woman would make in his life … and his brother’s.

However, the mystery is so much bigger than him and her …

Plus another element is involved. A research group has been illegally conducting tests on the tectonic plates, … with unexpected consequences … deep beneath.


Oh my gosh, Deep Beneath was a stunner of a romantic suspense with enough sci-fi feel that sure kept things interesting and the romance, is everything I dream about in a good story! Dale Mayer put together a heck of a read with her latest Psychic Vision novel. This book had so many surprises and twists and amazing edge worthy action its no surprise this book was awesome. Add in the romance with its high heat intensity and we have ourselves a book worthy of a Five Stars!

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