Monday, July 8, 2019

ARC Review - SEAL's Sunshine by Lynne St. James!


Navy SEAL Cam Patterson can’t wait for the day that he returns to the woman he loves. But everything blows up when he finds out there is a plot to kill the President of the United States. 

Miranda Stanhope has been anxiously awaiting Cam’s return. Months ago, he and his Black Eagle SEAL Team wrenched her away from the Taliban who’d been torturing her. The terrifying nightmares still haunt her. Despite everything, she has fought back the darkness and is ready to move forward into Cam’s loving embrace.

When Cam finally returns, he and Miranda work to forge a relationship they hope will last forever, but then the threats begin. When the danger escalates, and Miranda almost dies, Cam calls in Tex Keegan, a man he hopes can help him stop the madness. But when Miranda is taken, it’s a race against time, and even with Tex’s help will Cam be able to find her, or will he lose his Sunshine forever?

SEAL’s Sunshine is book two in the new Black Eagle SEAL Team series and features John “Tex” Keegan from Susan Stoker’s SEALs of Protection.


A GRIPPING, ROMANTIC, SWEET, HIGHLY YUMMY ROMANTIC SUSPENSE! Lynne St. James did it AGAIN with her second book in her Black Eagle SEAL Team series everyone. This story was so easy to get into and had me tearing up at times and biting my nails at others while in between the exciting action and suspense, there was a unforgettable and heart wrenching romance that made my breath hitch and my heart sigh. 

This book was EVERYTHING! My heart was invested in this book from the very start. It was endearing and edgy and loaded with the right amount of suspense and romance. I couldn't put it down!


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