Thursday, June 4, 2020

ARC Review - First Touch (Passport 2 Love First) by Loni Ree!


Zander Burton
Never trust a woman and make sure you’re never stupid enough to give your heart to one. I’ve always lived by these words, then Rachel Marsh crashed into my life. It only took one night, one touch for the gorgeous blonde to make me ignore the rule I’d followed my whole life. The next morning, I found the strength to ignore my heart and walk away even though a little voice told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. 

Rachel Marsh
I escape one violent jerk only to find “the one.” At least, I give my heart to him only to have him stomp it the next day when he turns into the next jerk in my life. Zander’s hot and cold act grows old really fast, and I’m going to get my life together with the help of my new family and leave both the jerks in my past behind me.
When Zander finally wakes up and figures out he’s been living by a crazy rule, he’s way too late. Now, he’s got his work cut out for him if he has any chance of winning Rachel’s heart again. He’s going to take matters into his own hands and take her away for some time alone so she can hear what he has to say. He doesn’t care if she goes willingly or not.


Oh how I do enjoy a good growly, arsehole-ish alpha who ends up falling in love with the beautiful and gentle heroine and who has to win her back after messing things up! In other words, this was a fantastic second chance romance that had passion and action and some good humor and heart. 

Zander at first glance, seems like a major jerk...and ok, maybe he definitely was but my goodness, his hotness and protective and hot and cold manner made my pulse race and my thighs tremble and had butterflies swarming in my tummy! And Rachel, this heroine made me want to hug her hard. She was a kind and strong heroine and incredibly brave and watching her bring Zander to his knees made this one incredibly sexy story. This is the kind of storyline I can't get enough of. It is a slow burn that comes on strong and hot and then pulls back just enough to keep the heat going and then comes back again hotter and stronger than ever. I loved it so much! Zander and Rachel made my heart so happy and I loved watching them together and really loved the fact Zander had to win her back. Awesome stuff!



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