Monday, September 14, 2015

ARC Review - Desired Heat by Morgan Fox


Jason Whitmore had everything he ever wanted—a successful business, a beautiful home, and loyal friends. But watching everyone around him find their happily ever after reminded him of the one thing he desired most of all—a woman of his own to love.
Liza Grey was fighting to climb the ladder of success. As the youngest executive to ever work at her firm, she’s focused strictly on her career. Until the moment she meets Jason Whitmore, the sexy as hell biker and owner of Iron Horse Saloon. Plagued with fantasies, she jumps at the chance to have a taste of him. But one night of pleasure is not enough and a secret lover’s pact is forged.
When social differences become too much of an obstacle, Liza can’t risk the career she’s fought so hard to achieve. With the help of a friend, Jason puts a plan in motion to show her just how perfect they are for each other.


ANOTHER DYNAMIC BOOK IN MORGAN FOX'S MEN OF IRON HORSE SERIES! We have two sensational characters who are beyond AMAZING for each other. Jason is the owner of Iron Horse Saloon, and is by far, the sexiest character as of yet. I loved his personality, his charm, his extreme handsomeness and the way he worked his way into the beautiful and sassy Liza. Liza was a freaking fire-cracker! I loved how courageous and gorgeous she was. She is instantly drawn to the sexy bar owner and when they hit it off and hit the bed, things get steamy, sensual and freaking HOT.
I freaking LOVED Desired Heat! Morgan Fox's  Men of Iron Horse books are INSANELY GOOD. I have been in love with this series since the first one. I love the style of writing, the plots, the characters, and the intense emotions these books give me. With Desired Heat, instead of rushing through this story, I took my time and savored every word and every page. I really didn't want it to end. It left me completely depressed when I did finally finish it. I really can't seem to get enough of Fox's Iron Horse stories and I hope they continue for a while longer.
Desired Heat by Morgan Fox got a WHOPPING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its an addicting story. I enjoyed reading about Jason and Liza. Jason left me swooning and the story has me BEGGING Miss Fox for MORE! 

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