Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review - Love Under Two Drifters by Cara Covington


Laci Sinclair came to Lusty at the urging of her best friend, Chloe Jessop. The last thing she needs is romance. So how did Trace and Lucas Benedict get under her skin so fast?
Trace and Lucas leave Montana to find a place of their own, with a stop to visit their cousins in Lusty. Once they meet Laci, they know their drifter days are over. Though leery of working with family again, they give their cousins the benefit of the doubt and decide pretty fast they like family, Lusty style.
They hope to cure Laci’s relationship reluctance with two men ten years her junior by offering to be her “friends with benefits.” But they soon discover she’s hiding something from them—and that something could end their love before it ever truly begins.
Meanwhile, Ricoh Stone knows it’s time to find out about Angela Monroe’s past, and he turns to a rodeo  friend who now lives in Divine—Juli├ín Alvarez.

Love Under Two Drifters happens to be another sinfully delicious read in Cara Covington, aka, Morgan Ashbury's Lusty, Texas Series! I am amazed with each new installment and how engrossed I become in the stories. In this particular story, we get some Montana Benedicts who move home to Lusty to hopefully start fresh and hopefully, with family that treats them good and with the respect they deserve. But they get something even better, when they get introduced to the lovely, slightly older, and sweet Laci. Laci wanted to get away from her past and make a new chapter in her life. She thought she was done with men until she meets Trace and Lucas Benedict who show her what REAL men are and how REAL men treat their women, Lusty style!
I found we got a lot more with this story than the romance between Trace, Lucas, and Laci. We got a real depth look on what transpired between the quiet and sweet Ricoh and the strong and sad Angelina. I really hope to see a happy ending with these two in the future. If anyone in Lusty deserves love, its obviously Ricoh and Angelina.
I really enjoyed and fell in love with Love Under Two Drifters. And not with just Trace, Lucas, and Laci, but the whole town of Lusty. They not only band together for the bad, but they are always there for one another to celebrate the good. Its a wonderful town and the men that happen to live there, sure know how to treat a woman. I can't seem to stop loving this series. Morgan Ashbury creates something magical with every new book and I am never disappointed. I give LUT Drifters a SPECTACULAR FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I loved the passion, the steamy sex, and heck, EVERYTHING to do with Lusty.

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