Wednesday, March 15, 2017

ARC Review - Hands Off by Kayti Mcgee!


Charity has a bit of a nervous tic... she steals things. It's not normally a problem, because she doesn't tend to get very nervous around her stable of book boyfriends. But when she accidentally goes on a blind date with a cop, albeit the hottest cop alive, she can't seem to stop herself from grabbing everything in sight.

Leo wants a family, not a criminal record. But there's something about the curvy bombshell of a thief he's been set up with that he can't stop thinking about. Or falling into bed with.

He needs to keep his hands off of her. She needs to keep her hands off of... literally everything.

There's no hope for a cop and a klepto. 

Or is there?


A outrageous, hilarious, fun, smexy romance that had me laughing, squirming and LOVING every second of this book! Kayti Mcgee is a an author who knows how to write one-of-a-kind romances that have both hilarity and lots of heat with irresistible characters that you can't help but to love! Even if you are a newbie to her like I was, this book made me a FOREVER fan and now I am going back and reading her backlist.

You want some interesting, sassy, lip-bitingly sexy characters? Than you will absolutely LOVE Charity and Leo. I laughed so hard with the banter between these two and the off again and on again arrest attempts that take place between Leo and Charity. Its a swoon worthy, roll-over-laughing romantic comedy that is completely unforgettable and is one of my favorites of this year!

I love Miss McGee's writing! Her characters are well developed and her story is completely addicting. I couldn't get through this book fast enough and I DEFINITELY want more. Hands Off gets a HANDS ON FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its too much fun to pass up...seriously! 

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