Sunday, February 11, 2018

ARC Review - The Lawyer's Pregnancy Takeover by Zee Monodee!


Personal assistant Jane Smithers is no stranger to over-the-top drama. With a hysterical socialite mother, an immature boss posing as bank CEO, and twin models hailing from Russia as her best friends, the last thing she needs is another complication … in the form of an unplanned pregnancy.

Hard logic and straight-on facts rule the existence of filthy rich corporate lawyer Michael Rinaldi. Drama? He’ll squelch it under the toe of his bespoke Italian leather shoes without a second thought. Until he crosses paths with Jane, that is. 

He isn’t her baby’s father. She isn’t in the market for one, either. But unforeseen circumstances followed by a tabloid frenzy set them on a completely unexpected path. Michael is all in. Jane just wants some peace, as well as this super-hot but too-tenacious bloke out of her life. Will it be possible for these two to find a compromise in this fairly hostile pregnancy takeover? And maybe, just maybe, find love, too?

Warning: Contains overblown high society hijinks, a super-Alpha hero who takes no prisoners, and a supposed damsel in distress who knows how to hide her game!


OH. MY. GOODNESS. I fell in HEART-STOPPING LOVE WITH THE LAWYER'S PREGNANCY TAKEOVER BY ZEE MONODEE! This is a romantic comedy of AMAZING PROPORTIONS! It was laugh out loud funny, extremely witty, with a all around, sexy, caring alpha male that had my knees weak and my heart melting. 

Michael was MORE than I expected him to be. He was certainly beyond handsome, but his take charge attitude, his all around sweetness and care to Jane is something that really made me hot and bothered and made me just say, "Awww." Jane is a tough, she-won't-take-your-crap-woman after my own heart who is in desperate need of Michael even as she tries to hide behind her tough exterior. When Michael takes her and her baby as his, I couldn't help but to adore the way he handled her and the whole situation. Even when things got sticky, he didn't for one moment, try to step away from her, he took over situations to make sure Jane was safe, healthy and cared for and it was so touching and charming. On top of the sweetness, I LOVED the witty banter between these two characters. I felt the zing of attraction brewing hot and strong between them. The chemistry was GLORIOUSLY steamy and there were moments that literally had me rolling with laughter. I awe of Zee Monodee. This book made me her newest fan and I can't wait to see what else I have missed! This book is too cute, too fun, too irresistible to miss. I HIGHLY suggest this FANFREAKINGTASTIC romcom to ALL my reader friends. A true treasure!


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