Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ARC Review - Sexy Bad Valentine by Misti Murphey!


Looking for love is difficult when your life revolves around a four-year-old. For Evie Lane, who nannies for one of golf’s elite, dating is non-existent. Between a girl, a duck, and studying, Evie doesn’t have time to select appropriate date night underwear, let alone meet the man who might get to see said undies. 

Until she stumbles onto the online dating game, Puppy Love. 

Puppies? Love? Long sunset walks and warm snuggles? Puppy Love might be just what Evie needs. All she has to do is go on three dates and pick the perfect guy, er, dog for her Valentine’s date. It ought to be easy. 

Except for Max, the gorgeous dog walker with the sexy smile and dreamy eyes. She shouldn’t let this bad boy charm her. She definitely shouldn’t let him throw her a bone. But with each doggy date they spend together it becomes harder and harder to deny the chemistry, even when giving in to it could cost her job and leave her open to a lawsuit from the show. 

She can’t help but fall for him when he’s so charming and sweet and... 

A liar. Maxwell Holt is a liar.


Sexy Bad Valentine is a sweet, spicy and fun romance and is WONDERFUL for Valentines Day! I had a lot of fun reading Max's and Evie's story. Their relationship may have started out thanks to an app but I couldn't deny the chemistry and the appeal. This is a great addition to Sexy Bad Series. Not only is it fun and sweet, its steamy and cute and made me smile and just about melt. I got plenty of laughs out of this story as well as some heartfelt ones too. It fed my inner romantic and made me feel completely content and happy. 

I give Sexy Bad Valentine a SIZZLING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! For those that have loved the Sexy Bad series, you will enjoy Sexy Bad Valentine IMMENSELY! 

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