Monday, February 19, 2018

ARC Review - #PleaseSayYes by ‎ Tari Lynn Jewett!


Romance Collections is proud to present these fourteen sweet and endearing love stories that will warm your heart, fill you with joy and remind you the true meaning of what it is to fall in love. 
No matter how love finds these couples, you’ll be reminded just how tender it can be. 

MY REVIEW for #PleaseSayYes in this collection:

My first book by Tari Lynn Jewett and I have to say I am VERY pleased! #PleaseSayYes was sweet, romantic, a bit mysterious and an all around good read. The characters and plot draw the reader in. I found myself entranced by the way the story played out. And I thought it was fabulous to see a story where one person was in so much love with another, they did such amazing sweet things but did it in a way you couldn't pin point who the person was. I really liked this idea. It had charm and almost a real life like quality to it I found endearing. I can honestly say I am thrilled to have read this and can't wait to read more books by this new author!

#PleaseSayYes gets a TOO CUTE FOR WORDS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I would recommend this collection even if you only read this book in it because it will be sure to draw you in and keep you enchanted from start to finish! 

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