Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ARC Review - Unforgivable Lover by Rosalie Redd!


The deepest scars are on the inside. 

Who would’ve thought shape-shifters were real? Certainly not Nikki, not, at least, until she’s attacked by a creature right out of her nightmares then rescued by a man straight from her dreams. Gaetan is a tall, mysterious shifter whose deep, sexy voice, gorgeous aquamarine eyes, and smooth, sensual touch calls to her on a level she doesn’t fully understand. Drawn into his fantastical world, she becomes part of an elaborate war, and as the final battle roars, if either is to survive, she must face her fears and trust him despite the scars marring her heart. 

You don't want to miss the thrilling conclusion to the Warriors of Lemuria series! 


Finally Gaetan gets his story and WHAT A OUTSTANDING ONE IT WAS! I have loved this series, but Unforgivable Lover is by far THE BEST ONE! With non-stop action, sultry, heart-melting romance, and a ON POINT plot, this was an eye-opening, INSANELY good story. 

I really found it endearing how Gaetan was so caring and sweet and even possessive with Nikki. He took the time to really talk to her and discuss her options. I couldn't help but to fall head over heels for him. He is definitely the most worthy heroes I ever had the privilege of reading about and I am just in awe of him and his amazing story. 

I give Unforgivable Lover a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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