Thursday, March 1, 2018

ARC Review - Controlling The Billionaire by Fifi Flowers!


Morgan Butler is an ex-professional water polo player looking for a place to fit within his family-owned multi-billion dollar communications company. He is the oldest, least mature, reckless, wild child of the family.

Waverly Monroe is an independent businesswoman alone in the world and determined to be successful. She has worked extra hard and landed herself in charge of a new division within Butler Industries.

Morgan, thinking that he has been given the reins of the new extension of the company is quickly knocked off balance when he finds Waverly sitting in his chair in what he believes is his office.

What will happen when Morgan learns that Waverly is in control of not only the new division but him too?

Billionaire Universe & Billionaire Communication Crossover

Rattled by the Billionaire, book 2
Gone with the Billionaire, book 3


Who is looking for a very HOT Billionaire romance that will sweep you off your feet? Look NO FURTHER than Controlling The Billionaire by Fifi Flowers! I like a good billionaire romance, but this one just had...more. It was a slow burn, sexy, fun romance that was smooth with likable characters and a great plot. 

Morgan is what I think of as a realistic man. He had his heart broken once and is leery but he still had a good heart and great personality. Waverly is JUST what he needs! Strong, beautiful, caring, she fit him like a puzzle piece. Everything flowed nice and steady and the storyline was strong and perfect! I adored the cover and fell in love with the book. I can't wait for both book 2 and 3! 

Controlling The Billionaire gets a MUST READ FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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