Saturday, December 29, 2018

ARC Review - Inevitable Darkness by Cassandra Lawson!


Mitchell has always known he was more than just a vampire, but he never would have guessed that he is the son of a powerful demon. Since learning of his demon heritage, Mitchell has struggled with his identity and his emerging demon power. When a threat emerges that could destroy those he loves, Mitchell must not only embrace his demon side but also learn to control his dark magic.

Among those fighting by Mitchell’s side is a vampire few would count on to have their back. Ruthless and cunning, Abram has proven time and again that he can’t be trusted. Abram will be the first to admit that Mitchell should avoid him, yet neither seems capable of heeding that warning. As they grow closer, Abram is left wondering if Mitchell will be his salvation, or if he will be Mitchell’s destruction.


Inevitable Darkness is a SEN-FREAKING-SATIONAL! I DEVOURED the newest Moon Virus story. Scrumptious, tempting, and utterly decadent, I fell in so much love with Mitchell and Abram. The sparks these two strong males have crackle and pop deliciously. 

I adore a sexy M/M story and this one made me melt and had me feeling edgy and flipping the pages just to see what happens next. I didn't want to stop once I started. This is by far the most tempting. It was written beautifully and awesome and full of twists and sizzling romance. I could read this over and over and I am pretty sure I could find something new and thrilling each time. Fantastic job Miss Lawson...Fantastic job!

Inevitable Darkness gets a STUPENDOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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