Friday, August 16, 2019

ARC Review - Hopelessly Hellbound (Spells That Bind Book 8) by Cassandra Lawson!


I am Ares, the mighty God of War.

That’s been my identity for thousands of years, so you’ll have to forgive me if most stories begin this way. I’ve fought many successful battles, only admitting defeat a handful of times. Sometimes, even a God of War has to know when it’s time to give up. After months of pursuing Bryn Rathmore, I finally decided to leave the stubborn witch alone.

The Fates must love messing with me. That’s the only explanation for Bryn showing up unannounced and asking for my help. I should refuse her request. No way do I need the tempting witch in my home, testing my self-control at every turn. Who am I kidding? I won’t turn her away.

The God of War in me recognizes Bryn’s presence for what it is—a tactical advantage. With Bryn living in my home, I have the perfect opportunity to seduce her and make her mine. This time, I will accept nothing less than Bryn’s complete surrender. Why shouldn’t I expect that when I’m willing to offer her the same?


God almighty, Ares is SO EFFING HOOOOOT! I ADORED this arrogant, tough, smoldering with sensuality and charm God of War like you wouldn't believe! He made my knees tremble, my heart gallop and made me swoon. He made the perfect mate for Bryn because she was bold, fiesty, tough as nails and fought her desire for Ares which all in all, made their romance crackle with incredible tension that was 100% captivating. 

Hopelessly Hellbound was one sensual, entertaining, bursting with action and wild seduction read that I didn't want to see end. Ares and Bryn are sensational characters and the storyline and plot rocked! I enjoyed the hell out of this book!


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