Saturday, September 7, 2019

ARC Review - Nothing To Fear (A Final Hour Novel #2) by Juno Rushdan


The clock is ticking

Fearsome Gray Box operative Gideon Stone is devoted to his work and his team. He's never given reason to doubt his loyalty...until he's tasked with investigating Willow Harper, a beguiling cryptologist suspected of selling deadly bio-agents on the black market.

He knows she's innocent. He knows she's being framed. And he knows that without him, Willow will be dead before sunrise.

Thrust into the crossfire of an insidious international conspiracy, Gideon will do anything to keep Willow safe...even if that means waging war against his own. With time running out, an unlikely bond pushes limits―and forges loyalties. Every move they make counts. And the real traitor is always watching...


I thought Every Last Breath was intense, but nothing prepared me for the second book, Nothing To Fear! This book blew my mind! Incredible, heart pounding action and a romance that crackled with the BEST of tensions! This suspense was mind blowing. The descriptions were vivid and nothing short of stunning and had me sitting on the EDGE of my seat the whole freaking time I was reading this. 

One of the most amazing things about Juno Rushdan is her ability to write a story that will literally raise your blood pressure and have you biting your lip and flipping the pages until its MUCH later in the evening than you realize. Gideon and Willow seem to be complete opposites but they just fit perfectly together. Like puzzle pieces. The action in this book was pretty exhilarating and the romance was something special and nothing to sneeze about. 

Nothing To Fear gets a MIND BLOWING FIVE SUSPENSEFUL STARS! You can't BEAT this kind of exhilaration and once you finish this book, Juno Rushdan will be your #1 choice for Romantic suspense in the future. 

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