Friday, September 20, 2019

ARC Review - Star Bright Paranormal Dating Agency (Gemma-Hydrox Book 4) by LJ Vickery!


Alpha Star Porter, or Asp as she is known to her friends, reluctantly seeks the assistance of Gerri Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency to find a mate. But does she really want one? A better question being, what stellar, patient individual has the fortitude to tackle her screwed up past? As she follows Gerri’s directions and takes off into space, curiosity battles with fear, but she isn’t a woman to walk away from a challenge. She’ll meet this paragon the dating agency decrees as hers…even if she is terrified.
Torque Addis has real problems, problems he’s about to solve with one, final, desperate act. If he can pull it off, the danger to himself and his loved ones will disappear. But if he doesn’t… Well? Better dead than to continue as he is. He’s getting too old for all the intrigue. If only someone would come along and wave a magic wand to change his screwed up life.


A sparks-a-flying, galactic, crazy fun romance that is wild, spectacular and with so much heat, you will feel the burn through the pages!

LJ Vickery's Gemma-Hydrox stories are always a crowd pleaser. Entertaining and with extremely fascinating characters Star Bright is one of my favorites in this series. Star Bright is a fantastic story and the plot kept me engaged and satisfied. Star and Torque have a special chemistry that sparked my interest right from the moment they meet. You can feel the connection and heat right away and as the story progresses so does the heat! Enjoyed it immensely!


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