Wednesday, October 9, 2019

ARC Review - Body Shots And Betrayal by Cassandra Lawson!


A bet is what got me in trouble the first time.

That’s how I met my deceitful, gold-digging ex-wife. It was a sexy and fun wager that ended in us both falling in love. I fell in love with the person she was pretending to be, and she fell in love with my money. After a bitter divorce, I’m not interested in falling into that trap again. No love. No sexy bets. I’m done with it all, or so I thought until Jade walked into my life.

I didn’t even know Jade’s name when we enjoyed one incredible night of body shots and binging on each other, and I never expected to see her again. Certainly, I couldn’t have guessed she’d show up at one of my monthly poker games on the arm of Carter Weston, my ex-wife’s lover. While I may not know what Jade’s game is, I plan to find out. In case you’re wondering, there is a bet involved.

History has a strange way of repeating itself, but this time, I intend to win. All I need to do is keep my past from messing up my chances for a future with Jade.


A laugh out loud, re-defining romantic comedy about love, lust and betrayal! Body Shots And Betrayal is an amazingly good read with a sensational, jaw-dropping hero and a never forget her heroine and a plot that just kept getting better and better the farther along I got through the book.

Cassandra Lawson is a MUST READ author. Her rom-coms are always funny, sexy, witty and charming with a sprinkle of feels to make the heart feel like its being squeezed. And Body Shots And Betrayal is my new #1! I loved how this story came together. From the very start I was captivated and charmed and I didn't want to put it down. 

Body Shots and Betrayal gets a CHARMING AND WITTY FIVE GOLD STARS! 

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