Thursday, October 17, 2019

ARC Review - Onyx Dragons: Amber by Starla Night!


He’s the only man who threatens my inner peace.
And losing my temper would mean war
I’m a calm dragon shifter until someone brings out my inner monster.
Darcy is fearless.
His charm drives me crazy.
But he teases me like there would be no consequences.
As the CFO of an alien corporation, I can’t afford to make mistakes.
Mistakes that would kill my family and lead to planetary destruction.
Now, the time has come to prove that I have control over my temper.
The treaty between dragons and humans has been threatened.
The fate of this Earth is riding on my shoulders.
I can’t let the fire crackle from my hair. Not now.
And the only thing that’s coming in the way of my victory?
The man of my dreams... and my biggest nemesis.

Oh my glittery, magical goodness folks! Onyx Dragons: Amber is as scrumptious as your favorite desert and just as mouthwatering and heart warming too! Amber is loaded to the max with star-aligning sweetness and awe. Darcy and Amber have the most sweetest chemistry and their romance is crazy special and beautiful.
When I found out that Amber was finally going to get her HEA I was ecstatic! And when I finally got my early copy I was blown away by how much better it turned out to be than I expected. Oh I knew it was going to be good, but what I got instead was SO. Much. More. Darcy is strong, teasing, fun, charming, caring and just as alpha as the Dragon males. And Amber...oh she was magnificent! Strong, fierce, beautiful but she also has a female vulnerability and desires that made her extra amazing in my eyes. This story was so much fun and beautiful and magical. What a special read this was!
Onyx Dragons: Amber gets a SPARKLY FIVE BEAUTIFUL STARS! Bring on more Dragons! 

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