Friday, December 20, 2019

ARC Review - Death And Christmas (A Spells That Bind Novel) by Cassandra Lawson!


My Christmas Eve started out in the usual way. I went to get a festive holiday tattoo before heading off to the hospital to play Santa for a bunch of sick kids. Who doesn’t appreciate a visit from the jolly old Angel of Death? No, I don’t actually tell the kids who I am. No one wants the Angel of Death lurking around a bunch of sick kids.

Everything was going mostly according to plan until the Fates decided to play a cruel trick on me.

Only romantic fools believe in soulmates. Yet, this one soul calls to mine and makes me feel more alive than I have in thousands of years. There’s just one problem; Cataria no longer belongs in the realm of the living.


I read and finished this book in one day and it was FANTASTIC! Its a great prequel that whetted my appetite for more Azreal and Catrina. This is a magical novel that gives us a taste of whats coming next and I tell you, I can't wait! 

The Angel of Death is SOOOOO  much more than I anticipated. He is kind and likes kids and the way he dresses as Santa  and visits hospitals with children who are sick melted my heart. This story made me tear up a bit too. Cassandra is a very lively heroine. She is spunky and sassy and sweet. I think she will make the best match for The Angel of Death. I couldn't ask for a better read!


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