Saturday, January 4, 2020

ARC Review - Heart Bandit (Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 1) by Rosalie Redd!


When a feisty human steals a gargoyle’s spirit-stone, all bets are off…

Beaumont prides himself on his stellar fae kill record, but his life is upended when a feisty, human female challenges him to seduce her and steals his spirit-embedded stone. He’s on a quest to save his soul, yet this woman makes him harder than a rock, and for a guy who spends his days encased in granite, that’s saying something.

Crafty and swift, Sadie learned to pickpocket from the best mentor ever—need. After she runs across a tall, sexy gargoyle and steals his most valuable possession, she’s up against more than can she handle. As he hunts her down to retrieve his precious stone, he stirs a passion she didn’t know existed…and can’t resist.

Gargoyle Night Guardians protect human souls from the evil clutches of dark fae. Be careful, though, gargoyles aren’t your average hero for within each guardian rests a questionable soul, one ripe for redemption and eager to become worthy of what we all crave—love.


Heart Bandit did it for stole my heart, breath and soul! This is the BEST beginning to a new series I possibly could of imagined. Heartfelt, unique, crazy interesting and sexy too, this story had such amazing descriptions and played out brilliantly in my head the whole time I was reading it.

Beaumont and Sadie's chemistry was OFF THE FREAKING CHARTS! I loved Beaumont's charm, protectiveness, kindness and his honor ever so much while Sadie's spirit, vulnerability, beauty and kindness had me wanting to reach in the book and hug her as well as befriend her. The moment these two meet, I saw the sparks fly and romance bloom like a beautiful rose. The scenes were just as magical, intense, and spectacular too. This new Gargoyle Night Guardians series intrigue me and I am already anxious to read the next book. 


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