Sunday, January 12, 2020

ARC Review - How To Love A Heartbreaker by Loni Ree!


***This story was previously published in the Must Love Dogs Anthology under the name Bearly Lovable. The story has been expanded and re-edited.***

When Liam Wynter returns from a business trip and discovers his sister has rented his next-door apartment to a single dad with a disabled daughter and her service dog, he hits the roof. His place is strictly NO PETS ALLOWED. 

Kennedy Roberts is babysitting her adorable cousin and Shelby’s cute service dog, Bear-the Heartbreaker, when their growly neighbor beats on the door complaining about Bear.

Liam forgets all his pet complaints after one look at Kennedy, but she has already gotten a pretty bad impression of the businessman. Now he has to find a way to change her mind so he can go from Bearly Lovable to Loved Forever.


An instant love sensation with a wickedly hot hero and a sassy and young vibrant heroine! How To Love A Heartbreaker is a romance that is quick, sweet as cotton candy and incredibly sigh AND drool worthy. The romance and gentle push and pull between the hero and heroine made for a very enjoyable and lovable story while the sex is steamy and hot enough to make a reader burn on the inside and outside. 

Liam's grumpy disposition at the start of the book made me giggle and shake my head. And the way Kennedy snarks back to him had me instantly liking her. This plot is downright fabulous and is easy to follow and easy to love. The instant attraction never gets old and with Loni Ree writing them, its even better! A truly special read!


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