Saturday, January 18, 2020

ARC Review - Onyx Dragons: Jasper by Starla Night!


He's the peace-keeping Onyx brother, but there's unrest in his own heart.
Billionaire dragon shifter, Jasper, can have everything he wants.
Everything, except for her.
Rose is his employee.
The woman who makes him breathe fire.
Her life is a mess, so she has Jasper tidied away into the just-friends box.
It's where he needs to stay for the sake of the Dragon Empire.
Except that he doesn't want to.
Now, Jasper's got a decision to make.
Loving Rose will cost him everything,
But it will also be his ultimate salvation.


Reading Jasper's story felt like being home. It was relaxing, refreshing, and made me feel good. Like cotton candy and bubbly champagne good! 

Jasper is easily the most lovable dragon. He is patient, caring tender and wonderfully thoughtful. And like Hershey chocolate, he made my mouth water! Rose is a unique heroine. She is incredibly independent and prickly but with a soft heart. Yes, she holds everyone at arms length but once she opens her self up she turns out to be exquisite. This PNR is a true delight. Fun, tender, sweet and spicy, this is most certainly a real treat. There are some misunderstandings but they definitely add to the story and make things wonderfully adorable. 


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