Thursday, January 24, 2019

ARC Review -Poppy by Vella Day!


Poppy has one goal--not to use her goddess magic for two weeks. How hard can it be? 
Poppy Faiten, one of the four goddesses of Fate, was stoked to leave town and pretend to be a human for two weeks. The lack of responsibility thrilled her--until Slade LaMont walked into the diner where she was working. Holy moly. Waves of lust and yearning swamped her. But how could that be? A goddess of Fate was supposed to help other mates stay together, not have one herself. But here he was, so thank you, Fate. This dragon shifter was out of this world hot--and she was determined to land him. 

Slade took one look at Poppy and fell into instant lust. It didn't matter his dragon was convinced she was the one for him. He didn't believe in mates. Besides, he didn't have time for one. He had a hotel to build--a hotel that might make Poppy walk away.


In this brand new book from Vella Day, we get an explosion of adventure, fun times, lots of extraordinary heat and a fantastic storyline and plot that really took me on a whole new ride that left me excited for more! 

Poppy is the first book in Miss Day's new Four Sisters of Fate series and let me just say, it was AWESOME! This story was engaging and thrilling and the pace was set perfectly. Not too fast and not to slow but juuuuust right. The characters are vivacious and fun and I loved getting to know them and watch the sparks fly and romance soar! I liked this story a whole lot and really think readers will dig it too. 


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  1. Thank you so much!! I really did love writing about this quirky, fun ladies.