Thursday, January 24, 2019

ARC Review - Primrose by Vella Day!


One shy goddess. One very hot human ski instructor. What will it take to bring these two mates together? 

Primrose Faiten couldn't believe it. Here she was one of the goddesses of Fate, convinced she'd spend eternity alone, and guess what? She meets her dream man. The problem is this gorgeous mortal is human, and he'll never accept her once he finds out her secret identity. 

As luck would have it, a snowstorm strands these two skiers in a warm cozy cabin. Jackpot! Primrose might be the shy one in the family, but when presented with this once in a lifetime opportunity, no way will she squander it. 

Rafe Tremont might be highly attracted to the sexy, yet naïve woman, but he can never let his heart rule--not until he deals with some unfinished business that might keep him from Primrose forever. 


Sexier and more heartfelt and soooo sweet, Primrose is by far my favorite! I fell in love with Primrose and Rafe's story from just the blurb itself and my love for these two just grew the more I read. I lost count the number of times I sighed and swooned through this story. I loved that Primrose was naturally shy but when there was a chance for her to be bold, she took it and I couldn't help but to admire her for it. And, he was one decadent hero who made me want him for myself. 

This story is definitely a bit more fast paced because it was also a wee bit shorter (at least it felt shorter because it was so good and I didn't want it to end) but dang, I can't even begin to complain about that when the story itself was so tempting and delightful. I freaking love these Four Sisters of Fate!


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