Thursday, March 21, 2019

ARC Review - Reyes's Raina by Dale Mayer


He once picked the wrong woman… he won’t make that mistake again. 
Reyes Drere came from a long line of gardeners. He’d known since he was little which way his life was going to go and it had nothing to do with planting seasons. When he joined Legendary Securities after eight years as a Navy SEAL he’d been avoiding going home and joining the family business. 
The family business included an ex-fiancé he had no wish to see again. Her sister was a good friend but there was nothing more dead than a dead love – unless it was a dead ex-fiancé… 
Raina is reeling from the shock of seeing the only man she’s ever loved showing up at work one day, his new boss in tow. Ice is all about plants on a grand scale, whereas Reyes appears to be all about denial. 
Only the shocks continue as her twin and Reyes ex-fiancé show up dead… and he’s the one with a motive… 


Another outstanding read in Dale Mayer's Heroes For Hire series! Reyes's Raina was a stunner! The slow burn, second chance romance was intense and action packed and exciting. The plot thickens just so in just the right place and was engaging from start to finish. I loved how this story was written! Well done and a definite enjoyment to read.

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