Saturday, March 30, 2019

ARC Review - Line (The Lure Of The Mer, #2) by Laney Kaye!


Burned by a controlling relationship, professional fundraiser Krissy Bourke is determined to seize every opportunity her barely-even-vanilla relationship with her ex denied her. When a hot-as-hell lifeguard enters the picture, sparking her stifled lust, she's more than ready. Then he suggests his Thor-like cousin join them, and her fantasy of defying all the taboos will finally be realized. Yet, her new lover is hiding something.

Erik Okeanós is a member of an elite group of Australian lifeguards who hide a secret; they are the last of the Mer. Their numbers are dwindling, so Mer law forbids sex with humans unless another Mer joins them. He's shared women for over two-hundred years, and this pretty little human is no different. So why is he suddenly yearning for something more? Something that comes with too high a price…his immortality. 


ONE EROTIC, DELICIOUS, EXTRA STEAMY MER ROMANCE WITH LOOOOTS OF FANTASTIC BITS, FASCINATING CHARACTERS AND A WICKEDLY APPEALING PLOT! Laney Kaye's books are fast becoming my new obsession...making me want to constantly stalk Miss Kaye's FB and keep track of what she is writing next. Especially in these Lure Of The Mer stories. 

In Line we get Erik's story and it was really exceptional. As he starts to fall for Krissy, Erik tries so hard to stick to mer ways and adds a third person to the mix. It sure did add some sizzling spice to the mix and as the story progresses so does Erik's feelings for Krissy. I loved feeling like I was part of their romance. It was a slow, sweet, push and pull romance with so many feels and sinful heat. It was both decadent and compelling. It was unforgettable and even better than Hook! I do hope there are more in this series because I am ADDICTED!


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