Thursday, April 4, 2019

ARC Review - Scandalously Hellbound by Cassandra Lawson!


I’m a werewolf with a death wish, or so my mother always said. Until recently, I didn’t think I was that bad. Sure, I took some risks, but it’s not like I went out of my way to tweak the King of Hell’s temper. Perhaps, I should say I didn’t do anything like that until after I met Lucy.

Let me start from the beginning. The moment we met, I recognized Lucy as my mate. That’s how it is with male werewolves; we see our mate, and we know she’s the one. It sounds simple, right? Not so much in my case, since my mate comes with a major warning label—one placed on her by her father, AKA Lucifer.

Talk about an impossible situation! The one female destined to be my perfect match has an overprotective father with the power to make me suffer for all eternity. Only someone with a death wish would risk the wrath of the King of Hell. I tried proving my mother wrong by leaving Lucy alone, but I was a fool for thinking I could walk away from my mate. No one—not even Lucifer or a vengeful ex-goddess—is going to stop me from making Lucy mine. 


The one book I have finally been waiting for is here and it was AMMMMMMAZING! Scandalously Hellbound is Lucy and Joey's story and it was  incredible and everything I had hoped for and more. I couldn't get enough of this book. Once I started I found myself completely immersed and I didn't want to come up for air. 

I LOVED Lucy and thought she was bad-arse and wicked cool while Joey is dominant, sexy, caring and smoldering with passion. When these two finally get together things explode in the most exciting and sexy way. Sparks snapped and popped and caused some majorly good fireworks. Add in the action and suspense and concern from Lucy's dad and we got ourselves a story that was hard to resist. The story was thrilling and fun and smart. Sexy too! Cassandra Lawson outdid herself with Scandalously Hellbound peeps!

Scandalously Hellbound gets a SCORCHING HOT FIVE FIERY STARS!

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