Saturday, April 13, 2019

ARC Review - Illogical by LJ Vickery!


Lahar needs to grab Mary Margaret’s interest immediately. Her life is in danger. But how to get around the fact she has friends, family, and an interior decorating business of her own? Will she give all that up to become his goddess? Instantly smitten with MM’s drive and creativity, he quickly invents a non-existent house for her to renovate. But he better come up with a real property, fast, or she’ll call him out for a liar before he gets her to fall for him. A tall order for a god who’s more comfortable behind a computer…or chewing grass in a field. 
Mary Margaret Tankler has been cossetted, pampered and…sigh…held back by her loving but overly protective parents. Her self-made design company is a last ditch effort to break free and lead an independent life. When Lahar Morton, a man whose hotness will surely keep her awake at night, asks her to renovate his ocean-front property, she knows it’s the project that will make or break her career. That’s if she can maintain a professional demeanor, and keep herself from falling for the gorgeous, enigmatic man. 


Another satisfying read in LJ Vickery's Immortals series that had me completely smitten! Illogical smolders with heat and contains some seriously sigh and heart melting romance while the action and suspense had me on such a strong adrenaline high. It was both powerful and seductive. 

Illogical was indeed a captivating read with one engaging storyline and more of these fascinating and wonderful characters. The story was intense and steamy. It was precisely what I have been craving!


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