Saturday, March 9, 2019

ARC Review - SEAL's Spitfire by Lynne St. James!


While Navy SEAL Rafe Buchanan is stuck at the airport, he is captivated by the woman cursing a blue streak with a take no prisoners attitude. He invites her for drinks and realizes she’s everything he gave up hoping he’d find. But a random glance at a TV monitor ends their flirting when Meghan Henley sees her brother’s missionary group was kidnapped in Afghanistan.

Meghan turns to Rafe as her world is flipped upside down. How could one man already mean so much to her? And Rafe is determined to help the woman who has stolen his heart. Realizing the deadly situation, he calls John “Tex” Keegan to help. 

When Rafe is called away on a mission, Meghan asks Tex’s help to stage her own rescue of her brother. But things go sideways when she is taken hostage. Will Rafe, Tex, and the rest of the Black Eagle SEAL team be able to get to the hostages before the Taliban carry out their threats? Or will he be haunted forever knowing he lost his dream?

SEAL’s Spitfire is book one in the new Black Eagle SEAL Team series and features John “Tex” Keegan from Susan Stoker’s SEALs of Protection. 


I am LOVING this new Black Eagle series from Lynne St. James! Romantic, exciting, suspenseful and sexy, the story owned my heart from the first few lines! 

I have enjoyed and loved everything from Miss St. James from the very beginning but there is something extra special and seductive about her military heroes. And Rafe, oh this particular hero made my heart swoon and sigh! He is the epitome of a hero: sexy, protective, caring and flirty. He had my heart melting and made me crave him. And Meghan, she is a definite spitfire! Sassy, beautiful and ferocious and stubborn, I couldn't help but to admire and adore her. This romance had so much great action and danger as well as some sigh worthy romance with some downright appealing characters. And of course we get to see Tex again from Susan Stoker's world. I feel so complete and happy after reading this book. I am excited to read more in this series and hope it lasts for a long time. 


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