Saturday, October 3, 2020

ARC Review - Caleb by Rosalie Redd!



Love blooms among the stars…

Caleb performs for crowds of women on a nightly basis as an exotic dancer in L.S. Quantum’s Star-Studded Male Revue. There’s never a shortage of available females eager to know him.
Until he opens his mouth and they discover his debilitating speech impediment.
The pity embedded in their eyes is like a wet blanket, cold and unwanted. So, he’s hardened himself and vows never to bare his soul to another.
But then a sexy space trader flies into port, challenges his deepest belief, and weaves her way into his very soul.

Space trader Adara yearns to become a talent promoter, but she’s bound to a restrictive contract with her captain. To break the agreement would cause dire consequences for her sister.
That’s not acceptable.
When a special batch of medical supplies brings her to the intergalactic cruise ship L.S. Quantum, she runs into gorgeously shy Caleb. Falling in love wasn’t part of the deal and now she must choose between her family and her heart.


An intergalactic delight with a swoontastic hero and an unforgettable heroine! Caleb was such a great story! Well written, entertaining, heart warming and sensational with the best descriptions and the best kind of plot.

Rosalie Redd takes it out of the galaxy with Caleb! I can't help but to fall in love with the hero from the moment he is introduced. To me, he is gorgeous and caring and amazing while Adara is a bold, smart heroine who I instantly had a girl crush on. When these two meet, sparks fly, passion soars and an unforgettable adventure unfurls that took my breath away and made me anxious for more. Well done indeed!


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