Thursday, October 22, 2020

ARC Review - Wicked Ways by Loni Ree!

 Wicked Ways: A Small Town Twin Switch Romance (Hunky Halloween)


There’s something different about the intern.
She walks into my office one day and “Bam,” my heart is screaming at me-she’s the one. Why her? Why now? What the hell is happening to me? I blame my dad. His family love at first sight curse has reared its head to bite me in the rear end at the most unexpected moment.
My twin sister has gotten me into some tight spots in the past, but this one takes the cake. She’s had bad dye job and I’m stuck pulling a high school prank. Pretending to be her all day is tough work. Fooling two lawyers for an entire day is going to take all my acting skills, but the alternative is so much worse. Or is it?
When the gorgeous attorney figures out my deception, he’s got a plan-we’ll playact one more day to get our new relationship out in the open. Zane doesn’t seem upset about my deception. He’s too busy promising me I’ll love his wicked ways. How did I get so lucky?

This over-the-top quick read is just what you're looking for if you like insta-love romance with a little bit of humor.

The leaves are falling from the trees, the nights are growing darker — and love is in the chilly autumn air! Join thirteen authors for Hunky Halloween, a sexy-spooky contemporary romance series. Get ready for magical meet-cutes, costumed crushes, and all the over-the-top love you can handle because these stories are bringing the Halloween heat!


A very sexy twin switch romance that sure is fun, with inst-heat, insta-swoon and Halloween deliciousness that made this October one of the best October's I had in years! 

Loni Ree knows exactly what to give her readers for Halloween. A no tricks, ALL treat story with lovable characters and a plot that sends heat and love straight to the heart. I loved the story and how wonderful it all came together. It was fun, hot and perfect! 


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