Friday, November 7, 2014

ARC Review of A Craving For Two by Amy J. Hawthorn


Paige Drummond has been offered the job of her dreams. Crave is set to open a boudoir photo studio and the owner wants her to do the design work. There’s only one problem. She’s given up the dream she’s worked so hard for because of a devastating blackmail attempt. Ashamed, she holds the dark secret close to her heart and refuses to tell even those closest to her.

Enter Nate Hughes and Sloan Davis, two sexy as sin contractors whose love for construction is only outweighed by the size of their hearts.
When too many convenient accidents haunt Paige, Nate and Sloan decide the safest place for her is in their arms. When the passion of ménage burns hot and sweet, can they both protect her against the unknown threat and convince her to stay forever?

Crave, equal parts naughty, class and sass.
May be read as a standalone.


A Craving For Two drew me in from the very beginning and kept me locked to the story until the very last page. Its wickedly sensual and one delicious romance. Its well written with some incredible characters and flows together at a good steady pace. I didn't feel like it went to fast or was too slow. 

Paige went from being close to having her dream realized to having it nearly crushed because of a man. She goes back to her hometown and is offered up the job of her dreams but is just too worried about taking it because she was threatened. But when Nate and Sloan come in and whisk her up, they convince her its worth taking the job along with taking on two men. They treat her with respect, and treasure her just like she always wanted. When things become obvious that someone is sabotaging the very home Paige wants to bring back to life, the home she grew up in, Nate and Sloan are there to protect her and to also determine who is behind the accidents and put a stop to it. 

Along the way there is LOTS of steamy moments between the three, mild drama, and meddling siblings and friends along with some serious kick-ass romance. This story left me in awe. I loved the chemistry, the sex, romance, and the characters. Amy Hawthorn created a book with the perfect mixture of raw passionate love, and nail-biting suspense. I loved it! I gave this a FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! It was an incredible piece of work and so worth picking up.

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