Friday, November 21, 2014

ARC Review of Teacher's Pet (On The Set #5) by TL Reeve


Macy, orphan and college student, is trying to make it on her own. When her work study job falls through, she doesn't know what she's going to do to stay enrolled. Forced to either find work or give up, her best friend has a confession, and it might just get Macy out of a bind.

Carson is given the role of his career, yet he almost says no. As a Physics professor and actor, he faces an ethical question when he meets his new co-star. However, with one sweet sigh from Macy, he's done for.

Now, if they can just keep things professional.


For those that have followed previous reviews, you know how much I just LOOOVE these  On The Set books. TL Reeve has a knack for creating smoking hot short stories. Teacher's Pet was a good story but I thought it was a bit different then the previous ones. 

I really liked Carson. I thought he was sexy, endearing, sweet, and compassionate. I however didn't see much of a Dom in him other then the way he speaks sometimes. Even though this story had some wonderful sexual tension and the sex between Carson and Macy was explosive and steamy as hell, I had a hard time picturing Macy as a porn star. I liked her innocence but she was....very naive to me and I just couldn't quite get into her character. I think this story was fascinating and well thought out. There is plenty of drama, surprising turns you don't expect, as well as some suspense that kept things interesting.

Even though Macy was the big thing that set this book apart for me, I still adore TL Reeve's On The Set Series and hope to see more stories in this series. I give this a THREE AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS! Even though I gave this a smaller rating then previous On The Set books, I still consider this good story with some strong sexual tension and lots of sweet seductive moments.

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