Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cherishing Brianna by Caitlyn O' Leary ARC Review


Brianna has chosen to live the last eight years of her life alone, hoping to prevent the inevitable. When she finally realizes how little time she has left to live a full and productive life, she stops off to visit her foster family before permanently moving to California and the care she is going to need. Spending one last month with the people she loves and values in Fate Harbor Washington, she meets Sheriff Charlie Meade and the town vet, Zac Carmichael. Both men are loving, caring and think the world of her. Brianna is horrified to realize she has deceived them. She knows the truth, she unworthy of their love.

Brianna decides to quickly leave town. Despite adamant entreaties of her family, she’s determined go before things unravel even more and she becomes a burden. Can Zac, Charlie and the family make one last ditch effort to make Brianna realize how much they want to cherish her no matter what the future might hold? 


Cherishing Brianna is a really great addition to Caitlyn O' Leary's Fate Harbor series. I am always impressed with the people of Fate Harbor. They are always so welcoming and kind to each other and I really like how they all generally care about one another. When Brianna comes racing into town, the first person to meet her is sexy sheriff, Charlie. Soon after coming back to Fate Harbor, Brianna meets the second man she will soon find herself falling in love with, Zac. He is a gorgeous British vet that makes Brianna melt with his English accent. When these three start getting together, sparks fly fast and their passion gets out of control in the BEST WAY. Unfortunately Brianna has some past issues that make it pretty hard for her to want to stick to a place very long. She claims she is only there for Olivia's wedding then she plans on moving to California and away from everyone...for good. 

I loved the fact that we had a sexy Sheriff and a sexy Vet wooing Brianna. Menages have always been a favorite of mine in erotic romances. Plus, with each different personality from the men of Fate Harbor, it makes it very hard to not love this town. I can definitely tell that Miss O' Leary does her research and homework in her stories. Every detail and description from what the men and women do for a living is precise and very accurate. I REALLY like that because I don't want to feel that the story I am reading is just put together with no realism to the jobs. The only part of the story I thought was a bit odd was the surgery scene with Zac and Brianna on the dog that she brought in after it was hit by a car. I can't imagine a vet asking someone that has no experience or training, to scrub in and assist in a surgery. However the rest of the story is very accurate and very realistic with the different variety of jobs that everyone has. Another great thing I adore about this series, is how good the men are to their women. They don't get jealous of one another and their first priority is ALWAYS the woman. In the real world, not a lot of men are like that, so its always a pleasure to read a romance where the men are kind and give the women they love the pampering they deserve. Sometimes I think my hubby needs to take lessons from the men of Fate Harbor. *Wink wink*

Anyway, back to Cherishing Brianna. Zac's and Charlie's determination to keep Brianna and convince her to stay was charming and to me, sexy beyond belief. One of the things I always admire about Miss O' Leary is her way of writing a good solid story. She created Fate Harbor to be a welcoming and safe place with plenty of menage relationships. It is warm and welcoming while her characters are good people with great personalities. Cherishing Brianna got an AMAZING FOUR SHOOTING STARS from me. It has suspense, its intense, passionate, and written with its precision to detail. Caitlyn, you got another Fate Harbor winner!

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