Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Bodyguard and the Dom by T.L. Reeve ARC Review


Thomas Kenner, owner of Kenner & Kenner Security and Teishutsu, a private BDSM club in the hills of Los Angeles, has it all, except for Katarina Lopez, submissive and one of his best damn bodyguards. As a Sadist, he craves a masochist to match his needs, but when his Latin bombshell rebuffs his advances, he’s left wanting a woman who doesn’t crave him. Determined to banish her from his thoughts, he sets up a date with the renowned Madame Eve and 1Night Stand. 

Katarina Lopez doesn’t intimidate easily. When it comes to her job, she’s focused and completely sure of herself. Then she goes to work for the ex-Special Forces-Sadistic Dom, Thomas Kenner. The Dom—and her boss—is completely imposing and sex personified. But, there’s no way she’ll ever fit his masochistic mold. Letting him down would mean the end of her career along with any chance she may have to submit to the man who’d held her heart from the minute she met him. Unless…. 

With the help of Madame Eve, both will try to obtain what their heart desires, but will one night be enough? 


Another fantastic book by T.L. Reeve! This time Miss Reeve gives us some insight into sexy sadist, Thomas Kenner. I really liked Thomas. He is sinfully gorgeous and has the hots for the beautiful bodyguard, Katarina Lopez. The Bodyguard and the Dom is beautifully written.  I never thought I could dig a sadist. In the BDSM realm, they are the one thing that spook me the most. I am happy to say after reading this book, I am no longer so scared or anxious about sadists. In my head I always assumed a sadist enjoys dealing pain so much that there isn't a line that they won't cross. Thomas melted my fears away. I learned that being a Sadist doesn't mean your evil or cruel. They give a submissive who enjoys pain, what they need while giving themselves what they desire. I loved the precision in which Thomas delivers his pain to Katarina. He never goes overboard and every lash or strike is delivered just right to cause the right kind of pain without leaving scars. He may make marks that last a few days but nothing that would be permanent.

In The Bodyguard and the Dom, Miss Reeve shows her talent in doing research in every detail that is giving. The story is erotic and is sexy as hell! I actually enjoyed the sadism Thomas doles out to Katarina. Miss Reeve also wiped away the thought that a sadist isn't loving. The fact that her character, Thomas is a sadist that cares and loves as well as protects his sub shows how misunderstood sadists are. I thank you personally for that Miss Reeve! The Bodyguard and the Dom is similar to Cherise Sinclair's Masters of Shadowland series or Shayla Black's Wicked Lover series. It has that passion I crave and am addicted to, while the story is beautiful and touching and the sex is beyond scorching. It has realism to it and definitely showcases what BDSM is about. 

With how good this story is, I couldn't imagine giving it anything less than a FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It's wickedly tempting and if you fear sadists, with The Bodyguard and the Dom, you will not only let go of your fear of sadists, but actually crave more stories featuring them as well. 

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