Sunday, February 8, 2015

Deaf (Senses Series Book 2) by Xavier Neal ARC Review


While the pleas of Logan Kellar's best friends typically fall on deaf ears, there's one voice he can't ignore so easily. His own. And when Maxx, his beautiful best friend, says something that shakes his existence, he finds himself suddenly desperate to be heard.


Deaf is as good as Blind was. Things slowly start escalating between Logan and Maxx in this book. There are still some complications, like Logan and his fear of commitment, and Maxx is scared of losing him. Even though they each have there own fears, the passion is still sizzling and the passion is still going strong!

The one thing that drove me batty was the the one thing I also enjoyed. One minute they are fighting and the next they are having hot sweaty sex and making up. You see Logan trying to show Maxx he is changing. Like him buying new bedding and towels. This is a shorter story compared to Blind though, but it sure isn't any less good.

There is another great cliffhanger for an ending. Normally I am not fond of these. But of course it just depends on the author. I am happy to say Xavier Neal does an excellent job with the cliffhangers. Yes, you want to know what happens but your more then happy to leave things as they are and jump right into the next story to find out how it continues. I give Deaf a FINE FOUR OUT OF FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It has loving characters, a great storyline, and is both fun and entertaining with some light humor. Lets see whats in store in the third book!

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