Thursday, December 22, 2016

ARC Review - Ajax's Harpy Holiday by Mychal Daniels!


Dragofin Mated: Book 1

Hildegard (Hildy) Newton is a lot of things, patient and sweet isn’t one of them. They don’t fit into her life or career as a highly trained assassin. So, when a rude ridiculously gorgeous guy tries to take a pie from her at a grocery store, there’s no way she’s going to let him get away with it. Even if it is the Holiday Season. 

Not sure if she’s even human, the one thing Hildy wants, is to experience what it feels like to have a family and know the love of others. That’s not so easy when she has the ability to sprout wings and grow predator talons. Keeping it simple, Hildy wants one thing to help her experience her dream—a sweet potato pie. 

Ajax (Jax) Drake, the dragonling youngest brother of a guardian race of dragon shifters, is not ready for the warrior fight he’s up against when a woman refuses to let go of his holiday pie. Intrigue and attraction drive him to push her as far as he can. When fate brings them back together, Jax counts on his dragon-blood wisdom to follow his hunch about this alluring woman. 

Fun, fights, and a little frolicking ensue as these two find their Happy Harpy Holiday.


Oh my goodness, this story was so much fun! I enjoyed the temperaments of Hildy (our wild, curvy heroine) and Ajax (our sexy, slightly arrogant hero). Their chemistry you could feel on the pages and the way these two fought had me giggling. And then lets not forget the incredible chemistry! Hot, steamy, both characters tried to dominate and I LOVED how things turned out in between the sheets. I am totally smitten with this new series by Mychal Daniels and I can't wait to get my hands on book 2!

This paranormal romance has enough humor, unique paranormal twists and delicious sex and sweet, sweet romance to keep any reader happy long after they finish. The way Hildy and Ajax and his clan spend the holidays is pure delightful and loads of great fun! The writing for this book was absolutely  phenomenal. Miss Daniels does an extraordinary job of creating a story you can really sink your teeth into and enjoy every succulent, humorous moment from start to finish. Ajax and Hildy may be my favorite characters as of yet, written by Mychal. I loved the sparks that flew between these two and it was just such a hoot to witness.

Ajax's Harpy Holidays gets a FUN AND SPICY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its Holiday fun at its best with plenty of romance to keep you craving more. 

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