Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ARC Review - Preacher by Patricia A. Rasey!


Foster child, ex-minister, MC member… Vampire. How the hell had his life gotten so jacked up? His life irrevocably changed when he’s made a creature of the night, Preacher leaves behind his vampire MC brethren , the Sons of Sangue, hoping to shield the woman he desires most from discovering what he’s become. Problem is Tena isn’t about to let him walk out of her life. To protect her heart, Preacher can’t stay. To protect her life, he has no choice but to keep her close.


Looking for a SEXY, ACTION-PACKED VAMPIRE ROMANCE YOU CAN REALLY SINK YOUR FANGS...I MEAN TEETH INTO? Then look NO FURTHER than Preacher, the next SOns of Sangue story by Patricia A. Rasey! Not only do we get a TON of heart-racing action, we get sizzling romance!, Hot as sin chemistry. I freaking LOVE these books by Miss Rasey something fierce! Not only are these stories seriously addicting, the covers alone will have you wanting to pick up the book. 

Only Miss Rasey can write a paranormal romance that will have fans falling over each other to get to the next one. I love how sinful, how dangerous, and how seriously HOT these vampire MC guys are. I fall in lust and love with each one but I have to say Preacher might be the BEST one yet! Damn I am in AWE!

Preacher gets a WICKEDLY GOOD FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its action-packed, full of heart-melting romance and the kind of heat you can only get from The Sons of Sangue series. 

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