Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ARC Review - Bear Essentials by TL Reeve!


Roxy Stamford has been a lone bear for all of her life. But, on her twenty-fourth birthday, things are about to change. A letter from her mother, and a picture, send her on an adventure of epic proportions. 

Juneau Baxter isn't looking for a mate. As a security member for Wiccan Haus, his job always comes first—until the day he meets Roxy Stamford. From the get go, the little bear turns his world upside down. Her ambivalent attitude is a cover, though. He’s sure of it, but what she's up to, he has no clue. 

With the days slowly ticking away, Roxy is desperate to find the man in the picture while trying to avoid Juneau who rubs her the wrong way while also drawing her in. When a chance encounter leaves her pissed off and angry, strange things are put into motion. 

Now, with time running out, she has to face her fears and acknowledge her pain. But, she's not sure who to trust. Juneau, who promises her nothing. or the vampire who promises her the sweet relief of revenge. 

One wrong move could cost her everything. 


Now here is a romance with bite, attitude, charm and lots of steaminess! TL Reeve did a marvelous job with Bear Essentials. Not only did I fall in love with Juneau and Roxy but the scenes, plot, secondary characters, action and romance drew me in like a moth to a flame.

Bear Essentials proves to me why you can never go wrong with a paranormal romance, especially when you get one written by Miss Reeve. She knows how to weave a sexy, steamy romance with enough paranormal elements to keep the book popping with life. I love it! I love the spirit, the sass, the sexual pull you can't deny between Juneau and Roxy and every second in between. It really is a book you can't help but to love.

Bear Essentials gets a ELECTRIFYING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its breathtaking, its sexy, its full of everything I ADORE in a paranormal romance...its THAT simple!

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