Thursday, December 8, 2016

ARC Review - Pop! By V. Kelly!


A sex contract seemed like a good idea, until she fell in love. 

When Symone Esquire fails to woo her best friend into taking her virginity, his rejection is the catalyst that inspires her to create a sex contract with a local legend, a man nicknamed “The Cherry Popper”, to take her virginity instead. 

Sid Cooperton is used to being solicited for sex, being the lead singer of a local rock band does have its perks . . . but when the nerdy, yet intriguing, Symone approaches him with a proposition to take her virginity in exchange for his college tutoring. It’s simply an offer he can’t refuse—even if his reputation for being a virginity exterminator is grossly exaggerated. 

Symone wasn’t expecting anything more than a business relationship with Sid, but she soon realizes there’s so much more to her sex tutor than just sex. Matters become even more complicated when her once uninterested best friend, suddenly wants to take their relationship to the next level like she always wanted. 

With the relationship she’s always dreamed of within her reach, Symone must make a decision: choose her best friend, the man she’s been in love with her whole life, or choose Sid, the man who has suddenly become the subject of all her fantasies. 

The contract has been signed: Symone’s virginity for Sid’s B average.

It was supposed to be simple, until she broke his only rule.


Pop! By V. Kelly was ridiculously fun and seriously H-O-T! V. Kelly won me over fair and square with her unique way of writing and her astonishing way of creating laugh-your-butt-off moments along with characters that at first, you can't imagine coming together, but the chemistry is hard to deny and will make you laugh and weirdly enough, make you sigh with pleasure too! This story is pure fun and full of outrageousness and I freaking LOVED IT!

Pop will definitely make you roll over laughing and will have you flipping the pages quickly and once you finish, you will SO WANT TO DIVE INTO THE NEXT ONE ASAP just because you NEED to know how everything will play out. The witty dialogue was just so funny and had me giggling and shaking my head in complete amusement. God, I LOVED this book!

Pop! gets a SERIOUSLY FUN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am in LOVE with both Symone and Sid and am rooting for their, sure to be, fun and quirky happily ever after. 

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