Thursday, December 29, 2016

ARC Review - Naughty At 30 by Cassandra Lawson!


I’ve always loved those books where the younger sister falls for her older brother’s friend. Those stories have played a key role in my fantasies since my divorce six years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have an older brother. I have a younger brother, and his best friend, Luke, has always been more annoying than attractive. At least, that’s how I’d seen him in the past.

Since Luke has walked back into my life, he is far from the awkward teen he was the last time I saw him. He is a walking temptation that I know I should avoid. Luke, on the other hand, has no doubts about our future, a fact he’s made clear from the moment we reconnected. He’s everything I could want in a man, which leaves me wondering if it’s really his age that bothers me, or if it’s my trust issues.

Love Without Batteries Series
Following their disastrous marriages, Brook, Chelsea, and Delaney swore off men. After years of being on their own, these ladies have decided they want more. At the age of thirty, the three friends make a pact to re-enter the dating world. Little do they know they are all destined to find love in the arms of younger men.


Looking for a HOT, SUPER FUN, SEXY, PURE WICKEDNESS ROMANCE THAT WILL HAVE YOU CRAVING MORE? Then do NOT miss out on the second book in Cassandra Lawson's Love Without Batteries series. Its EXTREMELY hot, so VERY spicy, and full of giggle inducing moments as well as those rub-your-thighs-together moments that will leave you fanning yourself.

Naughty At 30 is definitely dirtier and sexier than Dirty At 30 and Luke..WOWZA! That sexy school teacher will have you wanting to learn a thing or two and you will LOOOOOVE everything he has to teach you. And Chelsea is pure fun and just surprisingly innocent but with a naughty side that will make you realize, she is PERFECT for Luke. This Love Without Batteries is one of my most FAVORITE series of 2016 and I personally can't wait for everyone to read Naughty At 30. Miss Lawson is incredibly talented and this romantic comedy will leave you hot, bothered and smiling with every turn of the page!

Naughty At 30 gets a WICKEDLY FUN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This book is more entertaining than Dirty At 30 and Luke and Chelsea will leave you breathless and in love. An ABSOLUTE MUST READ!

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