Saturday, July 1, 2017

ARC Review - Sacked: Paxton Book 2 by Wendy Avery!


He’s the superstar on the field and in the sack.

She’s the virgin on campus. But not for long...

When Katie Shaw gets an exclusive interview with superstar Paxton Moore, sparks fly. But a college scandal threatens everything, including their relationship.

Katie crosses the line and there's no turning back. 


He kneels infront of me. His warm breath against my thigh makes me flinch. He tugs my cotton panties down to my ankles. I stand before him nude and exposed. My fear is overcome by pure lust. I suck in a breath and close my eyes.

Wendy Avery - Play hard. Love harder. 


More intense in both passion and drama, Sacked: Paxton Book 2 is even better, sexier than the first one and I loved the way my heart and emotions were up and down because of the drama. Paxton is still incredibly perfect. I love his capable hands, his cocky attitude and the way Katie falls for him at every turn. 

The scandal that pops up in this story added to it in a way that makes it impossible to stop reading. By time the story ends, I was practically hanging off my seat as I immediately dived into book 3 because I could NOT wait another second to find out how the story would continue and ultimately end. I am completely fascinated and charmed by this romance! Wendy Avery you got yourself a new fan!

Sacked: Paxton Book 2 gets an ADDICTING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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